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Night Course

Expanding the Human Network

Tertiary Education for Working People and People who Cannot Attend during the Daytime (Department of Law, Department of Economics)

The night course was established in April 1996 mainly for working people who cannot attend class during the daytime. The program is flexibly arranged to enable working people to receive the same high-level tertiary education as students in the daytime program.

The classes are offered weekday nights and Saturday afternoons. Students are also allowed to take a certain number of daytime classes offered by the departments of law and economics.

Students not only take specialized classes in law, politics, economics, and business administration, but, in the first two years, a wide range of liberal arts classes.

In regard to courses in their major area of study, students take introductory-level classes in the first year, basic-level classes and more specialized classes in the second year, and more advanced, applied classes in the last two years. Students also participate in seminars, in which the focus is on reports, presentation, and discussion. The four-year curriculum centered on small-group workshops in specialized areas is arranged for students to learn law and economics systematically, while learning in a variety of manners.

Students vary by age, occupation, and background. They have unique human networks that differ from those of the full-time, daytime students.