Graduate School

Our hope is that graduate students will acquire extensive and applicable knowledge in their chosen specialty.

Cultivation of professionals
The Shizuoka University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences aims at cultivating a professional work force trained and capable of interacting on an international level whether it be in their own specialty or on a more interdisciplinary basis.

A wealth of expert guidance in the latest educational research
The latest research in regional and international needs is emphasized in a new course of combined liberal arts. Essentially, it comprises of about 120 research workers in various fields of education from 4 departments and is one of the leading and most ambitious projects in Japan.

3 majors and 10 research fields and courses
The Shizuoka University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is consisted with 3 majors such as 'Clinical Human Sciences', 'Area Studies of Language and Culture', and 'Economics' ,and thus there are 10 reserach fields and courses. The students can choose their own professional classes systematically.

Programs for working adults and foreign students
After passing the entrance examination, working adults and foreign students are offered relevant master degree courses that are also available via evening classes and Saturday classes. Foreign students are also welcome, and the Faculty has carefully prepared special programs for them.

Please refer to the 'Outlines of Shizuoka University Graduate School of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' for further information. Call us at (+81) 54-238-4485 (General Affairs Office)

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

There are 3 main fields ;
- Clinical Human Sciences
- Area Studies of Language and Culture
- Economics
Futhermore there are an additional 12 professional research programs, and so the students are able to take advantage of a great variety of available lectures.

Clinical Human SciencesArea Studies of Language and CultureEconomics
Study courses- Clinical psychology course
- Human Care study course
-Sociology course
- Life culture theory
- Today's society theory
- Cultural anthropology
- History culture theory
- An international language culture theory
- A comparison language situation
- Management policy
- Regional economic policy
Required Subjects- Clinical human science
- Ethic and Law in Human Services
- Social change and thought
- Language cultural communication theory
- Comparison area culture theory
- Japanese culture situation
- Adaptations of companies to changes in modern society
- Changes and economic within community
- Effects on Japanese society
Elective SubjectsLectures, Seminars or Practicums of the following fields:
- Clinical psychology
- Clinical anthropology
- Clinical sociology
- Clinical social psychology
Further specialisation in particular field
- Sociology
- Human study
- Cultural anthropology
- History
- Literature
- Linguistics
Further specialisations in particular fields :
- Law
- Politics
- Economics
- Management