Dean's Message Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Kiwahito KONNO

We are living in a chaotic time. It is not easy to predict our future or to find solutions to the complex problems we face as a society. Looking back at our history, however, human beings have always stood firmly to confront the challenges of the times and, in the end, found solutions. Throughout history, the society we’ve built has accumulated the knowledge and wisdom that can help us cope with current problems. The collection of knowledge and wisdom has been and still is developing in the form of learning and scholarship.

In the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, our faculty members are diligently working to understand the core nature of our complex and fast-changing society from the perspectives of the humanities and social sciences. We pass on our knowledge and wisdom not only to our students in the classrooms but to all of society.

Our mission today is to grasp precisely the mechanisms involved in diverse happenings and developments in our society and to understand the core nature of all of the matters involved. To create the brightest future, we must also improve our ability to perceive the larger picture—one in which the whole of society is clearly visible.

As stated in our academic charter, the aim of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is to build “a community in which academic freedom is prime.” It is our mission to provide students and faculty alike the opportunity to participate in this free Community of Knowledge and Wisdom, and to pursue together the intellectual insights that can benefit us all. More specifically, our mission is to enable our students to acquire the knowledge and ability necessary to tackle the problems of the twenty-first century from the perspectives of the social sciences, language and culture, law, political science, and economics, and also to enable our students to become valuable and responsible members of society—ones with the ability to view life from an international perspective. We aspire to pass on our knowledge and wisdom to the young people who must live in and contribute to a society that is constantly changing and diversifying.

Our campus is favored by a great natural environment. The main buildings of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are situated at the highest point on campus and offer a magnificent view of Suruga Bay on one side and Mount Fuji on the other. Our campus boasts over 650 species of trees and plants. Seasonal changes are clear and vivid. We are confident that our superb natural and academic environment will provide our students with a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

We look forward to having you join our Community of Knowledge and Wisdom—and look forward to seeing how you will enrich it.