Graduate School

Shizuoka University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences is a comprehensive graduate school that combines humanities and social sciences, which are the only ones in the prefecture and one of the largest in Japan, with more than 70 faculty members, organized by three majors: the Department of Clinical Human Sciences, the Department of Comparative Regional Culture, and the Department of Economics. As the Educational Philosophy of the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences states in its Admissions Policy, interdisciplinary research beyond individual fields is to train highly sedative professionals with practical knowledge and to develop regional leaders who can be practically and independently involved in various issues in the region.

Our policy is to develop human resources who have completed a four-year undergraduate curriculum, learned more advanced expertise and specialized skills in a two-year master’s program, and through what they have learned at the graduate school, can face various issues faced by local communities, present answers, and present directions to the local community.

However, it is not only an interest in social problems, but also an intellectual curiosity. If you don’t have intellectual curiosity, your research in graduate school will simply result in the acquisition of advanced expertise, skills, and qualifications. The philosophy of the Graduate School is to satisfy intellectual curiosity to the full, while at the same time leading to the development of highly stood-up professionals and regional leaders who can practically face regional issues.
The enrollment capacity of the Graduate School is 36, and the number of students is about 70. Since there are about 70 teachers involved in graduate school education, classes, exercises, and practical training are conducted in small groups. Postgraduate education is tough. However, overseing this severity satisfies one’s curiosity and allows us to reach the height of our social careers. This graduate school satisfies your insatiable intellectual curiosity and the desire to develop a career as an advanced professional at the same time. There is no other hope that I can meet you on the fresh green university campus.